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Day trip to Mud Vulcanoes - Bison, Buzau Valley

Day trip to Mud Volcanoes - Bison, Buzau Valley

Mud Volcanoes

Mud Volcanoes
Mud Volcanoes

The Berca Mud Volcanoes are a geological and botanical reservation .

The reservation is unique in Romania and in South-Eastern Europe being the only place where they can be observed so closely.

The Berca Mud Volcanoes are not volcanoes in the real sense of the word.

These volcano-shaped structures can reach a height of several meters. The mud flows and the lack of vegetation produce a unique landscape.

What happens is that the gasses erupt from 3000 meters-deep towards the surface, through the underground layers of clay and water, they push up underground salty water and mud, so that they overflow through the mouths of the volcanoes, while the gas emerges as bubbles. The mud dries off at the surface, creating a relatively solid conical structure, resembling a real volcano.

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Mud Volcanoes

Mud Vocanoes

Bison, Buzau Valley

Bison, Buzau Valley

Bison, Buzau Valley
Bison, Buzau Valley

Bison Valley natural reserve– Vama Buzăului
Vama Buzaului is 40 km away from Brasov and it holds one of the few european bison (wisent) reservation in the word.

The bison that are born here will be released in the Carpathian Mountains.

From 2008 the Park supplies specimen for Zimbri Vama Buzaului reintroduction project as well, Brasov province, Romania.

The majority of large herbivore specie is dramatically decreasing in Eurasia. The European bison is particularly vulnerable and requires human intervention to survive.

The Large Herbivore Foundation launched a reintroduction project to increase the number of bisons in the wild and form sub-populations that may constitute larger and more sustainable populations.

The wisent (Romanian: zimbru), or European bison (Bison bonasus), is a bison species and the heaviest surviving land animal in Europe. A typical wisent is about 3.0m long and 1.8–2.2m tall, and weighs 300–920kg. It is typically smaller than the related American bison , and has shorter hair on the neck, head, and forequarters, but longer tail and horns.

In Western Europe, wisent became extinct by the 11th century, except in the Ardennes, where they lasted into the 14th century. In Moldavia the last wisent was killed in 1762, and in Transylvania in 1790.

Many bison became victims of World War I, with German troops occupying Bialowieza killing 600 of the animals for meat, hides, and horns.

In Romania were created four natural reservations for wisents.The Natural Reservation “Bison Valley” is situated in Vama Buzaului, Brasov county, being the 4th reservation from the country.

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Bison, Buzau Valley

Bison, Buzau Valley

Bison, Buzau Valley

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